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Our Village Health team includes two on-site NZ Registered Christchurch Dietitians, both trained in providing personalised nutrition advice to suit your lifestyle and to help you reach your goals.

"Food is a part of our everyday lives, and as trained Dietitians we embrace this fully. We enjoy promoting food as something to enjoy, however we also recognise the important part food plays in our both our physical and mental health. We tailor our advice to suit you, and are committed to supporting you along your journey. As Dietitians we are trained in multiple aspects of nutrition, and here at Village Health we provide various nutrition services dependent on your needs."

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Making Healthy Choices
Check out our Dietitians below:


NZRD, MDiet with Distinction, BSc
NZRD, MDiet with Distinction, BSc


NZRD, MDiet, BSc
NZRD, MDiet, BSc
What is the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist?

A Dietitian must complete a Degree in Human Nutrition and a Masters in Dietetics at University. In order to be registered to the NZ Dietitians Board, they are required to complete ongoing learning and continue to stay up to date with the latest nutrition research. Dietitians are trained in analysing the psychology of food and eating and have further knowledge of medicalised nutrition.

A 'Registered Nutritionist' must complete a Degree of Post-Graduate Degree in Nutrition and have 2-3 years of supervision; they are also registered to their own board. A ‘Nutritionist’ (note: not a Registered Nutritionist) is not a protected term, meaning no qualifications are required to use the name. Please be aware of this when looking for reliable and safe nutrition advice.

Dietitian Services

  • Weight Management - E.g. Weight loss, Weight/Muscle Gain and Malnourishment
  • Gut health – E.g. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Gastrointestinal Disturbances, SIBO, Diverticulosis and Food Intolerances
  • Food Guilt and Emotional Eating - E.g. Using Non-Diet techniques such as Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating and Health At Every Size (HAES)
  • Nutrient Deficiencies - E.g. Vegetarian and Veganism, Calcium/Osteoporosis, and Vitamins and Minerals
  • Pregnancy and Women’s Health 
  • Infant and Childhood Nutrition - E.g. Growth Deficiencies, Fussy Eating, Constipation, Changing Diets for Babies/Toddlers/Younger Children, Childhood Weight Issues
  • Diabetes and Heart Health - E.g. Carbohydrate Discussions and Heart Healthy Eating
  • Intolerance and Allergies

Our Dietitians are trained in numerous areas of nutrition, and are happy to assist you with any nutrition concerns you may be experiencing. This list of services is not exhaustive. If you would like to know more, please call us on 03 3388595 or email us at

Pre-Appointment Forms

Please complete the Food Diary and the Pre-Appointment Questionnaire before the Dietitian appointment. Drop the forms off the day before or at least 15 minutes PRIOR to your appointment so they can be reviewed by the dietitian.

Click on the links below to access the forms you need:

Pre-Appointment Questionnaire

Please complete this form to help us help you.
Click HERE

Food & Symptom Diary

Please complete the Food & Symptom Diary if you are seeing the Dietitian for gastrointestinal symptoms (i.e. IBS, tummy pain or bowel related).
Click HERE

6-Day Food Diary

Please complete the 6-Day Food Diary for any other reason you are seeing the Dietitian.
Click HERE

Please note, there food diaries have no judgement passed with them, and are not compulsory, they are designed to let us help you further and give more time for discussion.

Either email your forms to us or drop them in to Village Health 30 Lincoln Road.
Lydia's email:
Leanne's email:

Dietitian Fees

Unenrolled Patients with Village Health:
Service Time Description Price
Initial Consultation 60 mins Includes a dietary assessment, a summary of your consult emailed to you, 'kickstarter' goals, and a letter to your GP outlining the consult (if required) $115
Follow-up Consultation 30 mins Includes further personalised goal setting, manipulation of current goals and further discussion as required $60
Village Health's Dietitian Package 120 mins This package includes 1 x initial and 2 x follow up consultations, saving you $25! $250
Enrolled Patients with Village Health:
Service Time Description Price
Initial Consultation 45 mins Includes a dietary assessment, 'kickstarter' goals, and information passed on to your GP (if required) $75
Follow-up Consultation 30 mins Includes further personalised goal setting, manipulation of current goals and further discussion as required $60
Prescription Consultation (Instead of a Dr Appointment) 30 mins We cover lifestyle choices beneficial for your health condition/s, personalised goal setting, blood pressure check, and you get your regular medications script from your GP! Ask your GP on your next visit if this would suit you. $49 (Price of a GP consult)

Phone consultations are available. Follow-up appointments are highly recommended so that we can fully support you in achieving your goals.

Nutrition Blog

Check out our blog below and see what is going on in the vast world of nutrition!

Making Small Changes

By Lydia Marshall | May 20, 2019

Whether we think about it or not, we have all made changes for better or worse over our lifetimes. Most of the time, these changes occur without us even realising they are happening – especially the ‘bad’ ones! Whether you’re trying to cut down on some indulgences, get fitter, socialise more, or even learn an instrument – the number one … Read More

Vitamin C & The Common Cold

By Lydia Marshall | May 7, 2019

As winter steadily approaches, our noses tend to drip a little more and the trusty Vitamin C tablets come back out of the kitchen cabinet. But how useful is vitamin C when it comes to the common cold, and is it worth its hefty price? Vitamin C plays a role as an antioxidant, assists in wound healing, increases iron absorption … Read More

Mindfulness, Not Mindlessness

By Village Health Dietitian | November 14, 2018

It’s fair to say we live busy lives. We go from one thing to the next – whether it’s our jobs, relationships, children, houses, finances… the list goes on! Being mindful in the way we live, interact with people and food can be a way of dealing with all that life stress that just seems to build up. Mindfulness? Mindfulness … Read More

Feeding Your Gut with Fibre

By Village Health Dietitian | September 2, 2018

Feeding Your Gut with Fibre As a population, we do not eat enough fibre in our diets, and getting a mixture of the different types of fibre is another important consideration. But before we even discuss the food sources, it’s important to first understand: what is ‘fibre’, why is it important, and then; what does eating more actually look like? … Read More

10 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

By Holly Horner | July 25, 2018

We all have cholesterol in our bodies, it’s when we have a little too much cholesterol in our body that we can start to get concerned. Too much cholesterol builds up inside our arteries, blocking the blood flow and increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke. NOTE: This advice is a part of a healthy lifestyle, and does not just … Read More

Ever wondered how following a low GI eating plan might benefit you?

By Village Health Dietitian | April 2, 2018

Low GI Ever wondered how following a low GI eating plan might benefit you? Just like with other areas of life, it’s good to have a plan – a financial plan (whether that just means paying your bills on time), an entertainment ‘plan’ (making time for things you enjoy, no matter how small)… you get the idea. An eating plan … Read More

More of this, less of that for managing cholesterol

By Village Health Dietitian | March 27, 2018

Here is an easy guide for which foods you should seek out and which to avoid to help lower your cholesterol. Increase your intake of: Food Why What Fish Omega 3’s – consumption associated with better cardiovascular disease outcomes; helps to lower LDL and increase HDL. Oily fish are the highest sources – salmon, mackerel, sardines, fresh tuna Other varieties are … Read More

Vitamin D – Are you getting enough?

By Village Health Dietitian | July 25, 2017

You need Vitamin D and calcium for strong, healthy bones. Your body makes Vitamin D when the sunlight touches your skin. Shade, clothing, sunscreen or glass windows prevent this occurring. However, due to the risks of sunburn and skin cancer we need to be careful how much sun we get. September to April A daily walk or some form of … Read More

How to do Junk Free June

By Village Health Dietitian | June 12, 2017

The nurses and I here at Village Health have decided to challenge ourselves this June, by partaking in the Cancer Societies’ fundraising initiative ‘Junk Free June’. Each of us have discussed what we think would be the hardest ‘junk’ to give up. For some, fizzy drinks, and for others, chocolate and alcohol. Personally, I could go without fizzy drink without … Read More

Foods to boost immunity

By Village Health Dietitian | April 23, 2017

Lemons and other citrus fruit – high in Vitamin C Vitamin C helps the body to produce white blood cells as well as antibodies – both help the immune system fight invading viruses. For best results, keep your body stocked up with Vitamin C before winter arrives. Try squeezing lemon or lime into hot water for a refreshing and warming … Read More


Check out our collation of recipes below! We aim to post healthy, affordable and high fibre recipes for your use, with a few treats chucked in here and there. You can never have too many recipes up your sleeve!

Low FODMAP Garlic-Infused Oil

By Lydia Marshall | May 23, 2019

Does garlic trigger your IBS or give you unpleasant symptoms? Garlic offers our dishes so much flavour, but for some people it is just not worth suffering the aftermath. Luckily, ‘Garlic-Infused Oil’ is perfectly safe for those with garlic intolerance to use, even when on the FODMAP-elimination phase of your IBS journey! Give this easy recipe a go, how to store … Read More

Black Bean and Berry Brownie by Nadia Lim

By Lydia Marshall | May 21, 2019

This recipe gets some serious brownie points… it fulfills your chocolate cravings, it’s a little gooey as any good brownie should be, and completely changed my perception of healthy baking (as it will do to you!). Using black beans in the recipe added in extra fibre, which helps fill you up further and feed that gut bacteria as a prebiotic. … Read More

Madras Meatballs with Fresh Herb Yoghurt Dip

By Lydia Marshall | May 13, 2019

These Madras Meatballs, both the recipe and photo taken from the fantastic site (you can find the link here) can be served as your protein in a lunch/dinner meal, as an entrée for entertainment, or as a snack for when you need a boost! Super fast and easy, and certain to be a crowd pleaser. Enjoy! Serves: 8 people … Read More

Beef and Beetroot Burgers

By Lydia Marshall | May 8, 2019

Adding vegetables in at dinner can be easy with some meals, yet definitely harder with others. Once you’ve got the kumara chips on the side, the fat beef patty and those gorgeous sesame buns to make your burger, there is never enough space for the ‘appropriate’ amount of vegetables. Or is this just me? Well, what if I could tell … Read More

Recipe – Mini Frittatas

By Village Health Dietitian | April 23, 2017

These frittatas are easy and light. Use whatever meat and veggies you have on hand to make them yours! Spray oil 8 large eggs ⅓ cup trim milk ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper ¼ teaspoon salt 120 grams canned fish (salmon, tuna) 1 cup freshly grated cheese, try light cream cheese or ricotta to lower saturated fat content ¼ … Read More